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Molecular Imaging Services, Inc. (MIS) is a privately held company with headquarters in Newark, Delaware. We Specialize in cardiac PET and PET/CT in-office cardiology imaging solutions. Our comprehensive support approach has redefined the turnkey model with unparalleled clinical, operational and reimbursement resources and solutions. With the support of our Medical Advisor - Gary Heller, MD, - we have solidified physician education and quality assurance vital to your successful transition to a first class PET program.

Clinical Expertise with Dr. Gary Heller

Unparalleled Clinical Support

Dr. Heller’s 30 years of clinical experience plays an active role in the startup, training, and ongoing comprehensive support for your practice. From pre-installation education through onsite training, Dr. Heller will be your guide in launching a successful cardiac program. As a leader in cardiac programs nationwide, Dr. Heller understands that the education and implementation of new cardiac agents requires ongoing support post launch with phone consultation, peer review, and quarterly on-site follow up.

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Redefining Turnkey Solutions

We have the experience and resources to help analyze your PET opportunity and ensure a successful transition as you add cardiac PET and PET/CT to your patient management options. We are redefining the term ‘turn-key’ to incorporate a more comprehensive approach to supporting your practice. Our solutions factor in people and processes, efficient workflows, practice analytics and unparalleled clinical expertise to support your practice. As industry experts, we are focused on the clinical advantages of PET and PET/CT today while preparing for new isotopes in the developmental pipeline.

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We provide access to a large knowledge base in the ever-changing areas of corporate compliance, regulatory, political and economic factors that affect our practices and the molecular imaging community. This partnership with industry leaders delivers value to our customers.

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