The MIS Team is at the Heart of Your Cardiac PET and PET/CT Program

We have the experience and resources to help you analyze your PET opportunity and assure a successful transition adding cardiac PET and PET/CT to your practice. We are focused on redefining the term turn-key to incorporate a more comprehensive approach to practice excellence. Our solutions factor in people and processes, efficient workflows, practice analytics and unparalleled clinical expertise to support the present and future.


With over 25 nuclear SPECT, PET, and PET/CT labs nationwide, Molecular Imaging Services, Inc. brings access to a solid network of reliable support in the ever-changing areas of corporate compliance, regulatory, political and economic factors that affect our practices and the industry. Meet the team that is nationally recognized as the most experienced professionals in cardiac PET and PET/CT.

Clinical Expertise

Our team is nationally recognized as the most experienced professionals in Cardiac PET.

Proven Revenue Model

Improve clinical outcomes and efficiency and increase profitability

Quality & Compliance

Reduce risk and achieve compliance with access to quality review/assurance and accreditation support.

Comprehensive Support

We have created a multi-faceted approach designed to strengthen the quality of your cardiac PET program and maximize its productivity.

Reimbursement Consultation

We will provide answers to your coding and reimbursement questions, as well as education and updates on ongoing changes.

Physician Peer-to-Peer

Dr. Gary Heller provides clinical assistance of PET reading, peer review support and ongoing clinical education.

Practice Analytics

Gain access to reporting software for PET and SPECT to gain insights on the success of your program.

Licensing & Badges Preparation

We put these programs into action for licensing and badges needed to prepare your site for launch.

A nationally recognized team of Cardiac PET and PET/CT specialists

clinical spotlight

Clinical Spotlight

  • Patient History

    A fifty-one year old female patient was referred for SPECT Imaging due to intermittent chest pain. The symptoms were considered atypical and not accelerating...

  • Cardiac PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

    The patient underwent a pharmacologic rest/stress PET study (5 mSv) with no symptoms or ECG changes.

  • Results

    The PET study demonstrated completely normal perfusion and function with a similar ejection fraction (58%) to the SPECT study Figure B.

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