The MIS Team is at the Heart of Your Cardiac PET/CT Program

We have the experience and resources to help you analyze your PET/CT opportunity and assure a successful transition adding cardiac PET/CT to your practice. With over 20 years of experience, Molecular Imaging Services brings access to a solid network of reliable support in the ever-changing areas of corporate compliance, regulatory, political and economic factors that affect our practices and the industry.

Experience. Resources. Solutions.

We have the experience, resources, and solutions to help analyze your PET/CT opportunity and ensure a successful transition as you add cardiac PET/CT to your patient management options. We provide comprehensive Cardiac PET/CT solutions that factor in people and processes, efficient workflows, practice analytics and unparalleled clinical expertise to support your practice. As industry experts, we are focused on the clinical advantages of PET/CT today while preparing for new isotopes in the developmental pipeline.

How can MIS maximize your Cardiac PET/CT services?